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My College Story

How I made the most of my college years. Would I have
spent them differently?

I joined college after 3 years gap of my education. I was weak in study from start, that’s why my education suffered. I wanted to do something good in my life. I passed 12th with commerce because I was weak in Maths and had supplementary in 10th in maths 🙂 So, after t 3 years I again started my education and chose BCA to done it.
I was very shy and never had good friends,  I was always eager to learn something new, I was very weak in theories but very strong in practicals, I love computer programmings. In my grades I was 4th last in my class but in practicals and programming I was 1st or 2nd. So I was popular in my class just because of it, but due to shy nature I didn’t chit chat with others.
There was an option to chose subject in 3rd sem of my graduation, and I chosen Math “Karenge to kuch dumdaar hi karenge warna nahi karenge” 😀 ,  I completed my graduation with some backs, Mostly 3 times back in maths.
When I was in my final semester there was a major project in that, many of my classmates were trying to join my group, even toppers of the class :D.

How my college education shaped my career?

I always see that many of the toppers of college and schools are trying to get something better jobs, even my classmates from school and college didn’t got that what I get. They are just struggling for that.
I am thankful for my teachers,  they taught us in a great way, they gave us most of practical knowledge of the computer programming (I think, in many colleges or institutions, the teachers don’t follow this way of teaching). Some of us learnt it with grateful and some helplessly, there focus was on just passing the exams, that which they could by theories itself.
I don’t think that there was anything missing in my institute, I reborn after my college, Yes there was no hope in my life before starting of my graduation.
(I want to tell everyone that, no matter in which subject you are studying, get practical knowledge about your subject and think practically, this will make you perfect in your field.)

My career journey: Why I chose this career, the deciding factors

Always be attached with God, He didn’t appear but he is here.
Yes, I faced many ups and downs in my life, I didn’t know that what I will do in my life, but god changes my way every time and after many breaks and backs I completed my education and doing work in my interested field with full of joy and happiness.
After getting supplementary in 10th standard (Passed in supplementary exam) I left my education. (There are excuses that I was working with my father on his shop and that was mandatory for me. But the main reason was that I was poor in study. If anybody wants to do anything, no matter what is the situation, they do that.) So after gape of 3 years I again moved to complete my education and gave 12th exams as correspondence. Then filled private form for graduation in B.Com again failed and left education.
In this duration I completed Diploma in computer application and started to doing job in a private firm as a sales counter and cash handler. Again after gape of 3 years (4 years from 12th) I moved towards completing graduation but this time in different way, now it was my interested field of learning, Computer Applications.

Some points of Life

There was nobody to guide me that what I do in my life that help me to do some better things and also give my carrier some brightness. I was taking decision as my heart was saying.
I am a books lover and that helped me most in my life to go forward, I learnt many things by reading good books. I am a music lover that helped me most time to stand up when I was down. I love to do logical work and develop programming scripts.
I am BCA and MSC(CS) which I never thought that I will do in my LIFE.
Never lose hope, God made you for some reason, stand up and start walking never stop at any point.

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